Mark Slade lives surrounded by a family for whom the use of artistic expression is an integral form of communication.  Accordingly, his own interests have constantly propelled him toward independent study for the love of various mediums and the joy of exploration towards establishing his own individual styles and techniques.

           Having won a local Disney art contest in his native Massachusetts at an early age, Mark was encouraged to continue developing his talents over the years through his drawings and illustrations, as well as, political cartoons, caricatures and comic strips that have run in numerous newspapers.  His work has appeared in magazines and prominent publications around the world.  A number of the art pieces shown here are held in private collections.

           As an artist, Mark has a firm belief that creative instinct compliments diverse mediums and has, therefore, continued to explore and expand his own vision.  By combining the different mediums at his disposal, he is able to communicate his viewpoints in a unique metaphorical style.

           As an actor, Mark has made over 300 appearances on stage, screen and television, winning international recognition and awards for his efforts.  Having begun his career in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he appeared on Broadway and in the film "Splendor in the Grass," before moving to the West Coast.  In a career spanning 30 years, he starred and guest-starred in films, television and several TV series, including "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," "Wackiest Ship in the Army," and "The High Chaparral."

          As a writer, which he considers "word painting," Mark is well-known for the "Cliffy" episode of "The Rookies" for which he won numerous citations.  His more current works have moved, much like his art, towards the simplicity of form while incorporating historical significance.  His first novel "GOING DOWN MAINE," which explores the loss of innocence and unforeseen consequences of youthful indiscretions, was published in 2012.  "OF PAIN AND COFFEE" - a collection of Sooths, Sayings and Soliloquies, that explore life's foibles and fears, joys and heartbreaks with illustrations by the author was published in 2014.  Also in 2014, he released "SOMEONE'S STORY" - Observations in Verse, that featured his photography.  Mark's second novel, "HANGIN' WITH THE TRUTH" - The Historically Bent Tale of the Bandit Bob Slye, was published in 2016. 

           Mark also lent his talents to the Slade Media Group, founded by his wife Melinda Riccilli Slade, that specialized in corporate image campaigns, crisis management, graphic design and marketing communications.  The firm created national campaigns for diverse public and private companies along with numerous product introductions.  Together, they wrote and developed various media projects through their affiliated company, Slade Square Productions.  They currently reside in the Northern California Wine Country, where they continue their creative collaboration.

          Each medium - art, acting, writing - offers a different stream of communication.  Not limiting his vision to any one discipline has allowed him to meld the variety of experiences and achieve, by use of each varied stream, a more complete expression of his own unique imagination and point of view.